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Apr 11

“And here’s a phenomenon often true in innovation stories: The people who go to work pursuing knowledge, or because they intrinsically love writing code, sometimes end up making more money than the people who go to work pursuing money as their main purpose” — from The Moral Power of Curiosity 

Apr 07

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” — Bill Gates

Apr 02

One reason Apple is so strong is that top-most management constantly worries about hanging on too long to old paradigms.  Valuable lessons for many other companies. From this. 

One reason Apple is so strong is that top-most management constantly worries about hanging on too long to old paradigms.  Valuable lessons for many other companies. From this

Apr 01

“These people have done at least one Deeply Unfashionable Thing. Such people have intrinsic motivation, native curiosity and social courage.” — David Brooks discussing hiring decisions

Mar 30

Should you go out tonight? Consult The Smiths flow chart! -

Mar 29

That twinge some feel at times like this is akin to seeing the fences go up on the frontier, the record companies signing your favorite underground band, or the parents coming down to the basement party just when it was getting good. We may be past the wild part, but there’s far more potential with this inevitable outcome.

If you do feel that way, don’t worry. This is also the week that Facebook made big investments in virtual reality and solar-powered drones that send high-speed data. A representative from Google gave a talk at the University of California, Berkeley, about Google’s experiments in quantum computing that was cautiously optimistic, but not conclusive. Some disagreed.

There’s still plenty of frontier out there for everybody.

” —

Cloud Computing’s Watershed Week

Mar 28

“startups are not smaller versions of large companies; startups search for business models and companies execute business models.” — Steve Blank 


Mar 27

Agree with Semil Shah’s view of Marc Andreessen here:

Marc Andreessen, the co-creator of Netscape and the VC firm which bears his name (which invested $75m into Oculus VR about four months ago), is also very close to Zuckerberg as one of the original angel investors in Facebook and a current board member. I have never met Andreessen, but based on watching many of his interviews on YouTube, enjoying his endless Twitter stream, and the bold thesis of his firm (which has correctly predicted many things — I’ll write on this aspect soon), he strikes me as a true intellectual polymath — not just conversant or convincing on a range of complex topics, but one of the earliest people to connect the dots of high technology at the highest of levels.

His firm, a16z, has recently made huge bets across a range of industries which could present platform-esque characteristics — the software layer for drones, the software for three-dimensional printing, the software for transferring value across the Bitcoin protocol, and so forth. In Oculus, they likely envisioned yet another emergent computer science platform which could rewrite how people communicated with the Internet.

via For Facebook, An Orthogonal, Astigmatic Move Into Virtual Reality – Haywire.

Mar 25

Startups and Driving in India


Reasons why startups are a lot like driving in India:

Skycatch on Bloomberg West

Mar 11


Mar 09

How To Think -

I love this piece about Elizabeth Spiegel, chess coach of IS 318 in Brooklyn, and her approach to teaching kids how to think without coddling or sugarcoating. Having seen Brooklyn Castle and reading more of her story, it’s clear that she was a special and driving force for that team’s success.  

A few of her quotes that stood out:

"Teaching chess is really about teaching the habits that go along with thinking.  Like how to understand your mistakes and how to be more aware of your thought processes."

Her writing on the 2010 girls’ national tournament:

"…most people won’t tell teenage girls (especially the together, articulate ones) that they are lazy and the quality of their work is unacceptable.  And sometimes kids need to hear that, or they have no reason to step up."

The Bitcoin Model for Crowdfunding -

Naval lays out Bitcoin as an organizing principle for distributed endeavors. Very interesting

Mar 06

We Are All Intelligence Officers Now -

Thoughtful and thought-provoking speech from Dan Geer at RSA this year. Speaks to the cyber challenges arising from our rapidly growing complexities and dependencies.  Long and well worth the read.  A few choice quotes:

But from the point of view of prediction, what matters is the ratio of skill to challenge; as far as I can estimate, we are expanding the society-wide attack surface faster than we are expanding our collection of tools, practices and colleagues…..So it is with cyber risk management: Whether in detection, control, or prevention, we are notching personal bests, but all the while the opposition is setting world records.”

Above some threshold of system complexity, it is no longer possible to test, it is only possible to react to emergent behavior.